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Digital Narratives

People hear a message more intently when it takes the form of direct communication, from person to person, rather than an impersonal bulletin. The model is that of face-to-face communication, involving normal conversational talk, rather than technical language. 


Elsewhere on this site, one can download a Toolkit, consisting of the Guidebook and Tutorial for designing messages that simulate direct person-to-person communication. 


Another way to communicate knowledge is through audio or video, where someone talks directly to the audience. There is a power in hearing a story from someone who actually experienced the event and knows, first-hand, what it is all about. 


On this page, you can hear first-hand accounts from survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. These short (less than 20 minute) videos were prepared from longer hour-long interviews. These videos can be used for workshops and other learning forums and are meant for use in workshops designed upon the Tutorial. Any and all parties are free to link their sites to this page and utilize these videos for their own learning forums. 

Tacloban City, Philippines 

Ayla Patakata Union, Bangladesh 

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