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Toolkit for Risk Communication

This section provides a tutorial for crafting hazard warning messages. This is designed for use by anyone, but it is very relevant for those agency staff, local officials, or community leaders who receive technical weather forecast information and alert others about the need to prepare for the event. While the approach can be used for any extreme weather event, in this website, we use storm surge is in example.

Imagine you receive (whether directly or through the news) technical information from the national weather agency that a large cyclone (also called hurricanes or typhoons, depending on where you are) is predicted to make landfall in your region in three days. Moreover, the experts are predicting that a large storm surge will accompany the storm. Imagine, too, that you want to transmit the information to officials and residents in your municipality. How should you communicate the information to them in a way that motivates them into action?  


You will find several resources that can help you in this task. You have a choice of whether to take the online tutorial and click through a short online training module, or to download a report and toolkit that provides the same training.


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