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Exercise 5 

Addressing Key Issues

You can improve the message even more by adding sentences that address key issues that make people ignore or choose not to follow evacuation warnings.

Follow the instructions below:



Step 1. People think home is safe


Add words or a sentence to the message on the right that tells people that they are in more danger if they stay at home.


Step 2. People dislike evacuation centers


Add words or a sentence that assures people that conditions at the evacuation center are good or, at least, not as bad as expected.


Step 3. People worry about theft


Add words or a sentence assuring people that there are measures to guard their neighborhood, or that their health and safety is worth more than their property, or both.


Step 4. This storm is just like previous ones


Add words or a sentence that tell people that the coming storm and storm surge will be worse than anything they or the community has ever experienced in the past.


Step 5. Check your language


Take a look at the text you have written. Is it easy to understand, and is it written as if you were talking to someone you know? If not, you can rewrite any part of it.

Before click 'Send' button, copy the message you have written in the box and paste it into the box on the following page.

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