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Exercise 6 

Compare the New Message to the Old, Sharing It

Now, compare the original message to the new one you have just written (below). Think about how the new message might be received differently, by members of the public, than the new one. If you are working on this in a group, you can share thoughts and exchange ideas about communicating this type of information.

If there is broad representation among the group, you can divide participants up into sectors or subgroups (e.g., women, elderly, youth) and ask each subgroup about what improvements/edits/suggestions they have for the message (produced in the exercise) and the toolkit in general. This can be a long discussion, so do allocate plenty of time for this step. Ideally, the discussion would be recorded or, at least, have someone take detailed notes.


It can start with a statement like, "Please share how experiencing a typhoon or disaster can be different or more difficult for you" and other "Now start reflecting on how we can improve the message or the toolkit to reflect your experience and concerns". Often, a participant will give a very brief answer, and the moderator should always ask a follow-up question like "Please tell us more about that" to solicit more from the participant.

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