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Lesson 5  

Address Key Issues

In any population, there will be key issues that prevent people from following evacuation and other advisories. Because of this, they can stay home and put themselves in danger. The following are some common issues and examples of language that one can put in the message to address these. 

Issue: "Home is the safest place to be." 

What the message can say: If you live in district 8, your home is in danger of being destroyed. 

It is to dangerous to stay home. Move to the evacuation center. 



Issue: "The evacuation center is dirty, unsafe, and uncomfortable."


What the message can say: The evacuation centers have been prepared to ensure your safety and comfort. 

Health and social workers will be at the evacuation center to help you be comfortable. 


Issue: "Our house will be burglarized while we are away." 


What the message can say: The health and safety of you and your loved ones is more important than your possessions. Roving patrols will watch for burglars in your neighborhood. 


Issue: "This is just like the previous storms." 

What the message can say: This storm will be worse than anything we have experienced in the past. 

The storm surge will be higher and stronger than any flood you have experienced. 

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